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if you build it…..

I’ve been traveling for work and otherwise not in the studio enough to make much new art outside of my journals. my day job changed last fall, leaving me with more time to create but somehow I haven’t gotten very far……

the universe has sent a few things my way lately that make me think it’s time to start moving again.

shortly after updating this site, I was contacted by someone who has several other pieces of my work and wanted to buy one of the compass rose series pieces. my first sale in a while. it always makes me happy to send work off into the world, and this one has a good home. encouraging.

compass rose series, mixed media on board,

a friend was offered an opportunity to participate in a first friday art walk. she was given this little shed as a gallery and asked if i wanted to join her. we decided to call it pam & marianne’s playhouse, bring paint markers and invite folks to help us decorate the interior.

we had a blast- so many friends stopped in, and so many people made art on the walls. the best part was when the young man who used to have this for his bedroom, and his father who built it for him stopped by. it was such a great experience to hear the history of the building and to see how excited they were about what was happening with it that night.

this is what I love about art- touching people through creativity. these nudges from the universe have me thinking about how/where else to start re engaging. curious to see what else comes up…..

re engaging

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged regularly. It feels like it’s been a while since I made art regularly, although I have been consistently drawing and learning new media. After 3 years of  traveling nearly every week for work, I have time at home and in my studio again and am figuring out how to reestablish a creative discipline.

Currently, that revolves around art journaling, recording daily life and figuring out how to use watercolor. I’ve been pretty good about my sketchbook discipline over the past few years, but am ready to challenge myself to make the leap from sketching small vignettes to creating more developed pages and possibly bringing some of them to life as completed works.

I’m fascinated with fountain pens and watercolor and am moving away from disposable permanent pens. I like the way the fountain pens move on paper, the fact that they’re more environmentally friendly and that I can use a variety of inks for different effects- everything from beautiful washes (well, hopefully some day) to using permanent ink with watercolor.

It’s nice to have portable supplies, and to be able to create even when not in the studio. As I figure out which fountain pens I like best and reduce the number of disposable pens in the kit below, this will consolidate. Same for the watercolor kits below.


I have always been interested in exploring and learning different media, it keeps me interested and engaged. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this adventure- please join me!