Photography was my first artistic discipline. I began with a manual SLR when I was in college. Took classes and did some darkroom work but quit shooting for a while. I began photographing again when digital became prevalent. After a few years with a point & shoot, I got my first DSLR and have been happily clicking away ever since. I love being outdoors, and challenge myself to capture the spirit of a place in a photo- to convey an emotion. I enjoy capturing birds and wildlife as well. I am currently focusing on improving my technical skills. I am lucky enough to be able to travel, and enjoy taking photo safaris with my husband and friends. My current set up is a Sony 6000 mirrorless camera for landscapes when I don’t want to change lenses and for airplane travel and a Nikon D800 for wildlife, birds and everything else. I also use my iphone quite a bit. My photos provide inspiration for painting as well as collage and transfer elements in my mixed media work.